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The Original Fido Rido

Car Seat for Dogs

Accept no substitutes!

Available in one seater or two seater models!

Fido Rido - One Seater
$ 79.99

Fido Rido - Two Seater
$ 99.99

The Original FidoRido (patented) is a pet booster seat and restraint for small pets riding in vehicles.

For the pet owner, it promotes safer driving by keeping the pet from running loose in the vehicle.
Having the pet restrained during a sudden stop, enhances occupant and pet safety.

For the pet, it provides a comfortable place to ride in a vehicle, while allowing visibility out the window.

For both the pet and owner, it allows for close companionship and interaction.

DIMENSIONS - 23" x 18 1/2" x 10"

Recommended for pets up to 30 pounds

The FidoRido is a rectangular-shaped container made of durable plastic (this is the same type of plastic that is used for infant car seats). A vinyl-covered foam block fills the container for "boosting" small pets to window level. A fleece cover goes over the top and wraps snugly around the outer lip of the container for easy removal and washing.

The FidoRido is held in place with a car's seat belt. With nylon straps attached to the FidoRido, the pet is restrained by clipping the straps to a special "pulling" harness that comes with the FidoRido.

With consistent use, a pet learns that this is their special seat in a vehicle. A removable pouch for storing leash, pet treats and bottled water is included.


  • Restraining straps for pet's harness
  • Moisture-resistant foam cushion boosts pet to window level
  • Washable fleece cover protects cushion and provides a comfortable place for the pet to ride
  • Easy to install using car seat belt
  • Can be placed on front or back seat
  • Removable waterproof storage pouch
  • Can accommodate two small pets at one time (additional straps and harnesses are available)
  • Can be used as a pet bath tub when foam block is removed
  • Makes a great pet bed at home or on overnight stays at motels, with friends, or at the kennel
  • Free harness included with purchase of FidoRido (measure around your pet just behind front legs); comes in red or black

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